How to spray paint your furniture

How to spray paint your furniture

Spray painting is an easy way of getting a smooth and even finish on furniture. Are you looking for interior painting? Spray paint can bring you a near perfect look where painting with a brush can result in drips and brush marks.

When you are spray painting your wood furniture, make sure you avoid upholstery.

If the furniture you are painting is an outdoor furniture, choose a paint with high degree of moisture resistance and sun protection.

Also, avoid painting antique furniture because if those pieces are altered too significantly, it can damage their value.

To start painting, remove all hardware
You may have to unscrew and remove some of the components of the furniture you are about to paint, depending on the type of furniture.

On cabinets and drawers, the knobs and handles should be removed beforehand. Remove any drawers as well.

All these objects should be painted separately and then reassembled when all the parts are dry. It is also important to cover surrounding surfaces so as to protect them.

Cover surrounding objects and floor with newspapers, drop clothes or masking tape.

Sand the surface beforehand and wet the furniture

Before spray painting your furniture, sand it thoroughly to remove all the rough edges and then clean thoroughly without wetting the furniture.

Use a soft cloth to remove all sawdust. Do not use water because it will penetrate the wood and cause damage. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area thoroughly.

Use compatible paint and primer

When buying the paint and primer, make sure that they are compatible with each other.

Practice on a scrap object first

It is a good idea to practice spray painting on a piece of cardboard or scrap object before you paint your wood furniture.

Not only does this get you accustomed to how consistently the spray gun behaves, but it is also a good opportunity to figure out how you are going to stand and how fast you are going to move.

You will get a much better result from your spray painted wood by spending even a couple minutes practicing and honing that technique.

Apply primer and then paint
Wood furniture needs one or two coats of primer before painting.

Apply the primer in light coats over the furniture and ensure complete coverage.

Allow it to dry completely before you spray paint. Avoid spraying from too far or too close.

Maintain a distance of about 10″ at all times and never stop moving your hand as you spray the paint.

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