Metal Roofing – The Amazing Alternative to Classic Clay Roofing

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Recently, a brand new term emerged in the world of remodeling; many renovation enthusiasts are directing their work toward “green” and “eco-friendly” solutions. This novel trend did not skip roofing, quite contrary; it seems that entire industry shifted from traditional clay roofing in decisive search for new materials and solutions. If you are still not sure if this is the right choice, here are few facts that will show you the advantages of metal roofs:

  1. Metal Roof is Durable

It is the number one reason why you should choose a metal roof instead wood or polymer plastic. It is durable and made to last up to 100 years after initial installation. The durability of the metal roof depends on upon the particular material; most common are steel, zinc, tin, copper and aluminum roofs, but all of them surpasses wooden or plastic roofs regarding endurance and maintenance.  It is not just durable; metal roofs are extremely resistant to various weather conditions, especially storms and strong winds. If you compare metal roofs with wooden roofs, you may conclude that with first option you will never again worry about leaks, holes in a roof structure or insects. If you are looking for a durable roofing solution that looks stylish, you may check for various roofing options.


  1. Upkeep Is Minimal

When you have a metal roof, the only thing that you need to take care of is to keep your roof clean. That means taking care about gutters, they must always be debris-free, and otherwise rain and snow may create huge pools and make holes in the structure. Modern materials are made to be water-resilient, so under ordinary conditions, you should not worry about oxidization (corrosion and rust). There is always an alternative of reselling your old metal roof as it is fully recyclable and replaceable, but it is more matter of style than an actual need.

  1. Endless Style Options

With a huge variety of available materials, a metal roof is surely a worthy investment predominately because it is a durable material, but it is also one of the most stylish solutions that you may get. Nowadays, metal tiles come in endless varieties that may even imitate real wooden or clay tiles. The most popular are steel and aluminum roofs. However, a copper roof is considered to be the most elegant metal roof made exclusively of plain material.


  1. Perfect Eco-friendly Solution

You may be surprised, but the metal roof is more eco-friendly than wooden or clay roof!  It is so because metal roof can be easily recycled and they are solar-reflective, which means they are excellent inefficient dispersing sun rays, a major factor in the modern eco-friendly environment. That is especially significant if you compare it with other materials, for example, polymer plastics have 7%  sun reflexivity ratio, in other words, they are not so eco-friendly.

If you are considering building a new one or remodeling existing roof, as you may see, there are many benefits of metal roofs. Feel free to check for additional information, professional advice and services.

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