What You Should Know About Palm Tree Care?

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A palm tree is the most elegant plant you may have in your garden; it brings the atmosphere of sunny tropical islands in your home; however growing palm trees in the northern hemisphere can be a real test that requires proper knowledge and understanding of specific tree care elements. But, learning about proper palm tree care will give you extraordinary satisfaction, once you master necessary procedure; you will become very proud owner of a beautiful palm tree.


Choosing the Right Palm Tree

A proper and successful palm tree care begins with careful plant selection and proper location selection, as those two elements are the most important aspects in correct palm tree care. You must analyze your region and chose the palm specie that correspondent with the climate in your area, do not forget that palm trees are extremely vulnerable to sudden temperature changes. Therefore, you must be positive that your choice correspondent with natural abilities of the plant. You must also choose the right location for your palm tree, taking care of light and temperature requirements. The most popular palm tree varieties include Pindo, Bismark, Sago, Palmetto, California fan and Royal palm tree.

Choosing the Right Location

The palm tree is very demanding when it comes to location, be sure that you find the spot with a large amount of organic nutrients and a huge amount of fresh water. Also, do not forger that palm trees are known to be quite picky when it comes to light and temperature, they must be placed in a direct sun to grow, if you choose to place them in the shade, they will become small and extremely fragile. You must know the exact tolerance limits of your plant before it is placed in the soil; therefore, it is important to know exact light and temperature readings for your area.

Planting the Palm Tree

The next step is the actual planting of your palm tree. The best season is early spring; it is best to avoid completely planting during hot summer days as young palms require a lot of water in the first months. If you are not proficient with the process of planting a palm tree, it is advisable to call Professional Tree Care Service to ensure full success of this delicate planting process. If you choose to plant a tree by yourself, you should dig a large hole, at least three times wider than the dimension of a palm root, paying special attention while handling the young palm, not to harm the “heart” of a palm tree. It is the most vital part of a plant, be extra careful not to damage it. Otherwise your plant may perish.


Palm Tree Daily Care

A newly planted palm tree would need a month and a half to acclimate fully to new surroundings and climate. Only after your plant is fully acclimated, you may use fertilizers, but take care not to use them too often, three or four times per year are quite enough. At the end of the day, if you are not sure about specific palm tree care detail, it advisable to visit a professional tree care service, like www.allaccesstreecare.com.

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