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    1. The first question to ask is when to paint your house?
      It is professionally recommended to paint your house after every 5 to 8 years. The experts state that, after five years, the house color starts to fade, and the owner should consider painting again. That period is only recommended to the exterior painting but not the interior painting. Consequently, you should wait until a stretch of dry, sunny days to paint. It is very vital to consider the recommended temperature by the manufacturer on the sides of the can. Moreover, you should paint your house very early in the morning to allow for extended daylight drying time. In addition, you should ensure that the base coat and the primer have cured sufficient ly before painting on top of them.


    1. The second question is who should paint my house?
      Not everyone should paint your house. For high-quality work, you should hire an experienced painting contractor who are licensed to perform the task. Acquire the previous experience of the preferred painter contractor so that you can have confidence you are hiring the best and most qualified contractor. The painter should peel the exteriors especially vinyl siding because it might be tricky to paint without peeling. Consult several contractors so that you can identify the most affordable painter. However, there are several factors that need to consider while determining who to paint your house. Some of the factors include; demanding time, patience, effort, price, and specialized equipment.


  1. The third question is what to use in painting?Every house owner expects high-quality work from the pro. For that reason, it is important to consider the quality of the materials used. You can’t purchase poor quality paints and expect high-quality results. In other words, you should buy paints of high-quality. Consequently, you should ensure that the equipment used is of high-quality. Once you budget for high-quality materials, your house painting will last longer. Again you should consider the duration you wish to remain in the residence. If you stay there for a long time, then purchase high-quality materials, but if you are living in the house for a short period, you can buy cheap paints.


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paint your St. Charles houseHouse painting is an important thing because caulking and paint tend to protect the home from snow, rain, and ice. The paint needs to be done professionally and with a lot of care for the best outcome. Consequently, a beautiful paint enhances the curb appeal of the house as well as increasing the resale value. A house that is not painted looks old and does not last for long before depreciating. Painting is critical so as to maintain the value of the house. Can you imagine unpainted house! How does it look like?

House painting is critical for many benefits. Some of the benefits include; House painting makes the building last for an extended period still new, It also increases the house value in case the owners wants to resale. In a real sense, the house that is not painted looks old with faded walls. A house in that condition is not pleasant or attractive to the buyers. For that reason, its values tend to lower. I remembered been asked my a friend, “why paint your St. Charles house again even when you are leaving the town? Well, now you know. Consequently, painting of a house acts as a waterproof against the walls of the building. In other words, painting coat protects the walls against the rain water, snow or ice. Scientifically proven, rainwater is corrosive because it contains some acid. If the walls or the roof is not adequately protected through painting, then the water corrodes the building. When you paint the house, you typically apply another exterior coat hence preventing the walls from being eroded by the rain water.

Moreover, there are two types of painting; exterior painting and interior painting. The exterior painting is when you paint your house from outside. In other words, you coat your building from outside while the interior is painting your house from inside. In most cases, the interior painting is done to decorate the room and make it attractive. However, Exterior painting is most preferred than interior because it coats the building from being affect by external factors such as rainwater
or snow. Generally, house painting is imperative if you want your building to last longer and new.

The Magic of Colors – Or What Colors Tells About Your House

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It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about sudden interior or exterior house painting; the choice of proper paint color is one of the most important choices that you are about to make. Therefore, it is important to know the effects of each color on our feelings and emotions. Here is a quick overview of most commonly used colors and their psychological effects that they may have on your newly decorated house. If you are not sure about the colors, even after this short guide, try contacting as they will be able to provide you with more information regarding color selection.

Start from within

It is true that colors may change our mood and perception. Therefore, we must arrange our surroundings in such way that it may have a positive effect on us, but the process of such internal remodeling must start within. Try to find inspiration in nature, try to see the entire picture of your newly designed home, and most of all, your design should serve the actual purpose. For example, if you are remodeling an office, you should go with neutral colors, but if you are painting a party club, you should go with vivid, bright colors. In other words, pick a color that suits your current needs.


Do not hesitate to experiment

When it comes to house painting, you will find out that there are virtually unlimited possibilities available, so be ready to make a little experiment. Start with small areas and check if they are perfect match according to your original idea. You would like to use bright and warm hues in your living room as such colors bring joy and happiness. You may try to use with various tones of red, yellow or orange or you may choose a more “classical” approach by applying light brown and pale gray color combination.


The Psychology of Colors in Your Home

Each room in your home has separated function, and the chosen color must resemble such purpose. Warm colors and plain white were always the popular choices for a bathroom, as they present purity and neatness, or you may try to transform your bathroom into a lake or an ocean shore with azure blue hues. When it comes to the kitchen, there are no hard rules; you can use whatever color you like, or you can choose a right hue that represents your diet. For example, if you are a vegetarian, light green should be a perfect choice,   or if you always have a basket of fresh fruits on your table, strawberry red would be just a perfect match. Your bedroom is your intimate space; it is your relaxing area and place for intimacy; so violet, pastel red, green or blue may be a good choice.  It is important to feel relaxed and calm, therefore, try to use pastel hues as a primary decorative element for your bedroom. The dining room should be somehow stimulating, so all hues of red are just perfect! This also applies to your personal gym or workout space, as you need a lot of energy and motivation during exercise.

The colors have a power of transforming your house, but they also have a power of transforming your emotions and thoughts; choosing the right color for the right room will bring harmony and calmness into your daily life.