In this time of many technological advances in home improvement, to paint your home by hand may seem like an archaic art.

There is no doubt that spray painting saves time, however, there are many benefits to painting your home by hand.


A paint sprayer can cover a large swath of the house with a single pass, but for detail work, you can’t count on a sprayer for help. Borders, edges and other fine and delicate work will still need to be done by hand. This helps  in keeping the paint from hitting the trim and areas that you don’t want the painter to paint.


Even though rollers are not the easiest tool to use, the high pressure spray of paint can make an even bigger mess and shoot paint much further. If you are using a roller and paint brush, you only need to apply tape and tarps to the immediate area. But when dealing with a paint sprayer, the paint can easily build in one spot which can lead to a river of paint flowing down to the tarp, or even over-spray beyond the home.


When you are planning to paint a house, you are going to need a lot of paint. Depending on the type and brand of paint you are using, it can be quite expensive. Though a paint sprayer provides a nice even coverage, it is  however, easy to waste paint. There is a lot of paint shooting out of the sprayer and most people use you much. When you paint by hand, it allows you to have more control over how much paint you use.


This may seem backwards at first because the whole point of a sprayer is to get the job done faster. That is why they are used mostly used in commercial and industrial settings. To get the smooth and seamless coverage you want, you are still going to have to follow the sprayer with a brush so as to create a professional look you can show off. You may do a first coat with the sprayer and the second with a brush, but this will slow you down because it means two different methods of prep cleanup.


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